Upgrading, Extending, and Education


The downloadable releases of Nickel contain subversion repository information in selected folders. This allows you to upgrade to the latest version without overwriting your settings. Going forward in development, reverse compatibility will always be a consideration so you may safely get up to date. The following folders have subversion info in them so if you're using a shell client like TortoiseSVN, you can just right click and update the selected folder.
  • App_Code/core
  • Bin
  • js
  • js/uncompressed
  • Pages

If you make changes to these folders, and it is highly recommended that you don't, then your changes may be overwritten on update.

You may check out the latest code from https://nickel.svn.codeplex.com/svn.


Nickel is open source, but is a single-developer project without warranty. If you encounter bugs, please feel free to add them to the issue tracker. If you'd like to see features added, please contact me directly (not through the issue tracker). The mission of Nickel is to remain simple and lightweight. It will continually receive improvements to strengthen its feature set, but it's unlikely much will be added.


Throughout the documentation and even on this page, you are strongly urged to avoid editing the core functions to preserve the application's stability. However, curiosity is encouraged. If there's something you like about Nickel that you'd like to incorporate into your project, or just want to learn how to do, then by all means, please experiment! Just note that venturing into these zones will be unsupported. Have fun!

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