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Project Description
Nickel is a new type of blog engine focused on minimalism in use and implementation. There are no plug-ins. It does not plug in. There are no themes, web controls, or databases. It's C#.NET and JSON in the back, jQuery and CSS in the front, with a single HTML template in between.


Admin account
Password: nickel

See it in real world use at


  • HTML 5
    • jQuery-driven UI
    • Identical appearance in all modern web browsers
    • Lightweight and iPhone/iPad/Android/Blackberry-friendly
    • Media is embedded using HTML 5 controls
  • Easy personalization
    • Entire site uses a single HTML template and CSS file
    • Settings and string stored as well-named constants, no external files
  • JSON data storage
    • No database configuration
    • Automatic backups
    • No multi-user file access issues
    • Human-readable
  • 100% URL routed
    • All URLs are simply
    • Nickel intelligently directs URLs to the right content
    • Automatically prevents duplicate titles
  • Shareable
    • Search-engine optimized
    • AddThis bar already included on every page
    • AddThis can easily be swapped out with the share tools of your choice
    • Article subscriptions
  • Easy content management
    • Simple markup language
    • Embed images, Flash, audio, video, YouTube, Vimeo, or attachments with a single, intelligent "file" tag
    • Simple UI for tag and author management
    • Easy uploading and automatic thumbnail generation for images
    • Automatic layout of images and embedded media
  • User control
    • Set up a single or multiple author site
    • Enable or disable comments on a per-article basis
    • Minimal registration and profile editing
    • Activation notices and password reminders
    • Optional profile photos
  • Built-in search engine
    • Accurate, sorted, case-insensitive, intelligent searching
    • No need for third-party search
    • Results returned quickly from AJAX request
  • Tag navigation
    • Add tags while writing article or manage separately
    • Tags with only one item go directly to the article, eliminating the need for special "page" UI

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